Dry and Sensitive Skin Care

Dry and Sensitive Skin Care

If you have been having problems with itching and rashes, it pays to follow some basic skin care tips. In addition to prescription treatment, almost every patient would benefit from a basic understanding of appropriate sensitive skin care.

An interesting exercise for people suffering with a chronic skin rash is to line up all of the products in the shower, sink and bathroom cabinets that are used for skin and hair care. Then check the labels on these products and add up the number of chemicals in these products.

Here are my recommendations for sensitive skin care:

  1. If it smells good, throw it away.
  2. Avoid self-treatment with over the counter topical medicines.
  3. Avoid using any unnecessary skin or cosmetic products.
  4. Find a good and simple skin cleanser instead of soap.
  5. Find a good and simple moisturizing cream and apply it to the entire skin surface daily after bathing.

Showering daily is okay, just use a mild cleanser, avoid hot water and apply moisturizing cream to your damp skin after blotting with a towel.